For users with chronic pain, inflammation, or other ailments, smoking CBG flower might be a completely different experience. Instead of the subtle factors it provides, the benefits are clearer. 

We touched on some of the potential benefits of CBG in our past guide, but there’s more than that to share. Let’s take a look at what smoking CBG flower might offer you.

1. Stimulate Your Appetite

Like we mentioned in the past blog, cannabigerol has the potential to stimulate appetite. That means smoking on some CBG flower might give you the appetite you’ve been looking for. Though the clinical trial was done on rats, it gives us a good idea as to what it can do for humans, too.

In short, CBG might help you eat. Of course, you won’t get the blazed-out munchies you might get from THC. Again, CBG doesn’t get you high. It could, however, perk up that appetite you’ve been neglecting.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Another way CBG offers promise is through its anti-inflammatory properties. Currently, IBD, or inflammatory bowel disease, is incurable. It affects millions of people across the world. Now, though, cannabis research is seeing more of a spotlight than ever before. 

Thanks to cannabis research, we can see the potential positive impact that it could have on IBD patients. It also may affect a variety of other types of inflammation. CBG, specifically, was found to have a positive effect on negative symptoms. 

3. Potential for Pain Relief

Early studies for CBG have found that it has a number of beneficial properties, including relief from inflammation and pain. Ethan Russo’s 2010 review looked at the potential cannabis synergy has. 

While one cannabinoid alone has its benefits, the entourage effect of cannabinoids together is so much more intense. Combining CBG flower with perhaps other hemp-based products might be the ideal solution.

Everyone is different, so we recommend starting slow and working your way up. Especially if you’re after relief from symptoms, you shouldn’t expect it to happen overnight. In reality, your body needs to adjust to the daily routine of cannabis products. 

Over time, people really start to notice its effects. What you feel on the first day of smoking CBG flower will be miles behind your fourth week of consistency.

4. Antibacterial (and Antifungal) by Nature

In a world becoming resistant to antibiotics, CBG as an antibacterial and antifungal agent is a blessing. In fact, research shows that cannabigerol appears to be extremely effective. 

With that knowledge, it’s becoming a critical focus in research for life-threatening infections. Staph, MRSA, and other infections already resistant to many antibiotics are included in this. Research is still early on the subject, but the results thus far are promising. 

5. Neuroprotective – Good for the Brain!

This is another effect we highlighted in our other CBG guide. Cannabigerol is a neuroprotectant! In fact, it appears to have incredibly potent neuroprotective properties

While it’s good for the brain, that could also mean it could help with conditions like Huntington’s Disease. This is huge for the neurodegenerative disorder community.

6. CBG Could Enhance Your Mood

Cannabis has long since been known to help improve mood. It’s taken a bit longer to discover what inside cannabis helps to accomplish that, though. 

Many researchers observe mood-enhancing effects from a variety of compounds in cannabis. CBG happens to be one of them. As it happens, cannabigerol could help enhance mood.

It does this by stimulating the body’s natural production of anandamide, AKA our “bliss” chemical. Anandamide levels increasing in the body helps to boost the feeling of wellbeing and your overall mood.

7. Anti-Anxiety Potential

CBG also has the potential to help with symptoms of anxiety. It does this on a base, anatomical level, by inhibiting our GABA uptake. GABA is an amino acid acting as a neurotransmitter that attaches itself to various receptors throughout the brain.


The potential benefits of cannabigerol don’t stop at these first 7. However, they are about to get a bit more specific. 

Before we dig in, we do want to stress that CBG is not considered a cure or treatment for anything. 

While we trust what researchers have observed thus far, nothing is set in stone. Further research is necessary before anything can be confirmed or concluded. 

It’s important to mention that we don’t recommend CBG as an alternative to prescription medication you may already be taking. If you do have a condition and want to incorporate CBG flower into your daily routine, it’s good to discuss it with a health professional first.

With that being said, three important potential benefits have come to the surface thanks to cannabis research. Let’s take a look at what else CBG might help with:

9. CBG could potentially help reduces the effects of colitis. 

A chronic digestive disease, colitis is inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. Since we know CBG can provide other anti-inflammatory effects, relief from colitis was also observed in the clinical trial. 

10. Could Inhibit the Growth of Cancer Cells

We see this effect from a review on the antitumor activity that comes from plant-derived, non-psychoactive cannabinoids. CBD, of course, has been studied the most extensively thus far. However, CBG, CBN, and CBC were each also included. 

11. Relieves Intraocular Eye Pressure

Lastly, but certainly not least, CBG appears to help relieve pressure on the intraocular eye. This makes it a potential novel treatment for glaucoma. We’re excited to see more research as it comes out on the subject.

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